Monday, September 20, 2010

Merkava MK.III

This my completed Merkava MK.III I'm very proud of how it came out. The Merkava is the MBT of Israel an features a modular turret allowing for new armor packages to be added .I have to say I think tanks more so than any thing else shows a countries technical & manufacturing capability.Tanks while by very definition are weapons .I like to think of them snap shots of peoples values as whole each one imbued that countries values an design facility.


Martin said...

Hi ALM Models:
I recently came across your models in the 3D warehouse and was inspired enough to mention your amazing work at my own blogger blog:

Keep up the great work!
- Martin

Ken. said...

Hi ALM Models:
I just downloaded your models via 3D Warehouse and gotta say you're such a great modeler, as I short of interesting in military vehicles. For more, I'd like to give comment about your M1A2 Abrams, everything is great man , except for the wheel-track, still it's just a flat mesh. I see that in this new Merkava MK.III you've made just a nice, detailed track, so can you just put them back to the M1A2 tank too? should me more completely. Or you just have any other version of it out there, with the "real" track ? Anyway, thnk u for sharing all these and I'm sorry about my English, well, I'm from Vietnamese.

Keep it up !
Duy Le